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Call for Reviewers

Call for Reviewers


The Christian Society of Kinesiology and Leisure Studies (CSKLS) is preparing for our annual conference which will be held at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, October 23-27, 2019. The purpose of the annual CSKLS conference is to share current research and pedagogical ideas in kinesiology and leisure studies, provide fellowship opportunities to connect with other believers, and foster professional collaborative opportunities, all with an emphasis in faith integration.


We have just released the Call for Presentations and at this time we are soliciting CSKLS members to assist with reviewing proposals for conference presentations. The conference is organized into two Disciplinary Tracks (Kinesiology and Leisure Studies) and a student track. All entail scholarly works that are distinctively Christian in their approach to issues of faith and learning. In previous years reviewers have been assigned 2-3 proposals to reviewer. We are requesting that the review of the proposals assigned to you be completed within two weeks of the date you receive them. Our aim is to complete the conference schedule that features the list of accepted presentations in a timely manner.


If you are willing to serve as a reviewer please complete the section featured below indicating which track you are willing to review proposals for; copy the entire section and paste it into an e-mail and sent the e-mail to Steven Waller at






_______ TRACK 1 — Kinesiology (includes physical education, movement science, health, wellness, dance and sport management/sport studies)

_______ TRACK 2 — Leisure Studies (includes community recreation, therapeutic recreation, outdoor recreation, parks, and tourism)  

_______ TRACK 3—Student Track (includes kinesiology and leisure studies topics)