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Statement on racial injustice
(adopted by the Board of Directors, June 12, 2020)

Because we respect and value the array of perspectives on the world that stimulates intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth, strive to address issues related to diversity in meaningful, constructive ways, and believe that to be followers of Christ, we must love our neighbor unconditionally, the Board of Directors of the Christian Society for Kinesiology, Leisure, and Sport Studies (CSKLS) offers the following statement on the racial injustices occurring in our society.

First, we believe every human is created in the image of God, and as such, every human is inherently afforded grace, dignity, compassion, and love. Our hearts ache specifically for our Black neighbors, colleagues, friends, and fellow citizens of the world who bear intense pain at this moment because of current and historic systemic racism that has denied them equal expressions of grace, dignity, compassion, and love. We affirm that black lives matter. 

Second, we thoroughly condemn any action directed at another of God’s creation which unjustly causes shame, injury, or death. The recent killings of African-American individuals speak to the brokenness of our world, and we weep because of it. 

Third, we add our voices to the protests which are demanding justice for the unjustly slain. 

Fourth, we are committed to using our influence as Christ-followers to create a more graceful, compassionate, and loving community in which all individuals, regardless of race, are welcomed, embraced, heard, and loved. 

Fifth, we as a Board will, before the end of summer, charter a ‘Diversity and Equity Council’ with the task of examining areas and practices in our organization that perpetuates any racial injustice now and implement organizational steps that redress these practices for the future to ensure CSKLS stands firmly against racism for the glory of God and all the earth.


CSKLS is an international community of Christian scholars and professionals committed to excellence in kinesiology, leisure, and sport through faith-integration, professional development, mentoring, and fellowship.