Welcome to the world of CSKLS!

The Christian Society for Kinesiology, Leisure and Sport Studies exists to provide opportunities for Christian professionals in the fields of Kinesiology, Leisure and Recreation, Sport Management, Sport Psychology, and so many other fields to fellowship, mentor, integrate our faith at work, and develop professionally in our fields.

CSKLS is about…

  • Development, encouragement, and connection.
  • Getting together to share ideas and fellowship
  • A place for those within the discipline of kinesiology and sports can interact and engage.
  • Refreshing the teaching professor through Christian fellowship and shared experiences.

CSKLS Mission Statement…

“CSKLS is an international community of Christian scholars and professionals committed to excellence in kinesiology, leisure, and sport through faith integration, professional development, mentoring, and fellowship.”


Our society seeks to…

  • Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth within a Christian context.
  • Promote research and information that will contribute to the health and well-being of all people, image bearers of their Creator God, by supporting and encouraging Christian professionals in the disciplines of kinesiology, leisure, and sport studies.
  • Influence and renew secular culture by integrating Christian faith within our disciplines in research, publications, public presentations, and professional interactions.
  • The purpose of the annual conference is to:
  • Share current research and pedagogical ideas in kinesiology, leisure, and sport studies.
  • Provide fellowship opportunities to connect with other believers.
  • Foster professional collaborative opportunities, all with an emphasis in faith integration.


Our conferences are great opportunities to network and grow in a scholarly, but informal way.  Please consider joining us in the fun and fellowship at our conference and get involved in the ministry we have all over the world!

You can view info from past conferences, sign up for our next one or become a presenter.


Each year, we have a wonderful conference together with outstanding presentations, the granting of awards (Distinguished Service and Literary), and, most important, fellowship and fun!


Much of our website is free to all but Members get additional benefits: