CSKLS exists to serve as a catalyst for individuals interested in integrating the Christian faith into the disciplines of kinesiology, leisure, and sport studies.


The mission of the Christian Society for Kinesiology, Leisure & Sports Studies:

  • CSKLS is an international community of Christian scholars and professionals committed to excellence in kinesiology, leisure, and sport through faith-integration, professional development, mentoring, and fellowship.


The pillars of CSKLS:

  • Faith-integration
    • We actively and purposefully encourage and support efforts to integrate our faith with our disciplines.
  • Professional development
    • We are invested in providing quality opportunities to learn and grow as professionals.
  • Mentoring
    • We recognize and respect the wisdom and experience of our mid to late career members and are committed to supporting younger colleagues in their personal and professional life journey.
  • Fellowship
    • We value collegial fellowship with like-minded peers and therefore we seek to provide a variety of opportunities for developing and supporting authentic Christian community.