CSKLS Conferences

Our annual conference is the marquee event of our organization and its membership.

Our members are spread out all over North America and have international ties through the Global Congress on Christianity and Sport

2023 CSKLS Conference

Wed., June 7 to Sat., June 10, 2023
William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA

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Our annual conference objectives are to:
  • Develop and contribute faith-integrated scholarly work to those in higher education and the Church in our related disciplines.
  • Strengthen Christian professional relationships and foster collaborative scholarly efforts.
  • Provide quality presentations to meet professional development needs.
  • Share faith-integration pedagogical approaches.
  • Awards are formally recognized

You will have the option of attending, learning, networking and collaborating, or you can be a presenter. Information will be provided for our next conference as it gets closer.

Resources produced

The conferences have produced a number of quality papers that were compiled into books

  • Christianity and leisure: Issues in a pluralistic society (Dordt Press, 1994, 2006).
  • Physical education, sports, and wellness: Looking to God as we look at ourselves, was published in 1999
  • Christianity and Leisure: Issues for the Twenty-first Century was released by Dordt Press in 2017.
  • In addition, many of the Webinars from past conferences become an ongoing resource for our members and others.

Check out our Resource section for these and many others. Resources

We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 conference!