Journal of the Christian Society for Kinesiology, Leisure and Sport Studies

The Journal of The Christian Society for Kinesiology, Leisure and Sport Studies is an annual, electronic, peer-reviewed journal devoted to scholarly faith-integrated research in kinesiology, leisure studies, health and wellness, sport studies, recreation, physical education, and related areas. Articles may be either philosophical or data-based.


  • Dr. Dale Connally
  • Dr. Valerie Gin


Editorial Board:

  • Dr. Marcia Carter, Western Illinois University
  • Dr. April Crommett, Cedarville University
  • Dr. Don De Graaf, Calvin College
  • Dr. Beth Lanning, Baylor University
  • Dr. Jason Lee, University of North Florida
  • Dr. Kelli McMahan, Baylor University
  • Dr. Andrew Meyer, Baylor University
  • Dr. Jens Omli, Jengo Sports
  • Dr. Glen Van Andel, Calvin College
  • Dr. Tom Visker, Bethel College
  • Dr. Steven Waller, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • Dr. Nick Watson, York St. John University
  • Dr. Chris Wynveen, Baylor University


Volume 1, Number 1 (2010)

    • The Utilization of Core Values as an Avenue for Promotion in Sport: Faith based Activations as the Moral Face of Sport Organizations
    • God in My Sporting: A Justification for Christian Experience in Sport
    • Leisure Studies and Spirituality: A Christian Critique
    • Leisure in the Life of the 21st Century Black Church: Re-Thinking the Gift

Volume 2, Number 1 (2012)

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Volume 3, Number 1 (2010)

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Volume 4, Number 1 (2017)

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